Introducing Alphabet Letters To Your Toddlers

Many parents do not consider teaching necessary at the age of five to six years to their toddler. But they don’t know that the five to six age year period is brain development period. In this age, the toddler’s brain is developing at the high rate. It means kids under the age of five can… Read More »

Tips To Become Financially Independent

What is financial independence? What does it actually mean and how do you define it in a winnable way? When you get to a stage where you don’t have to work again in order to live your life, that’s financial independence. It’s when you have enough passive income to replace your current income and if… Read More »

The Best Motivation Video

I was so inspired by this motivational video that I have to share it: Making excuses is the worst thing you want to do because you can never be successful (which is what we all want) if you keep making excuses. Instead of making excuses, make a commitment to achieve your dreams. You will have… Read More »